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The fenbendazole protocol is a combination of fenbendazole, curcumin, and vitamin D3 that is used to treat cancer. Fenbendazole is the main active ingredient in the protocol and is a veterinarian version of the widely available benzimidazole mebendazole. The protocol is designed to be taken over the course of several weeks, with a loading dose of fenbendazole taken for the first two weeks followed by a maintenance dose for the remainder of the protocol. The protocol can be taken orally or rectally, and the recommended dose of fenbendazole is 222 mg per day.

Fenbendazole is the main ingredient of the popular anti-cancer protocol. The optimal dosage is 222 mg three times a week, on days with no exercise.It is recommended to supplement the protocol with selenium and vitamins.

It doesn’t really matter what product you choose; the main thing is to acquire the whole 222 mg of fenbendazole every dosage. You can buy powder, pills, or larger sachets in 222 mg increments. It doesn’t matter if it’s in powder, capsules, granules, liquid solution, or paste form, as long as you get 222 mg each dosage.

Safeguard / Panacur

The most common veterinarian brand of dog dewormer. Merck manufactures both brands. Panacur is most commonly used on farms, whilst the Safeguard version is intended for domestic dogs.


There are no fillers in fenbendazole powder or pills. The company provides free international delivery.

HomeLab Vet

The brand offers a variety of fenbendazole dosage forms, including powder, capsules, tablets, and liquid solution. HomeLab Vet is a company based in Ukraine.


One of the world’s largest chemical product makers. The organization provides analytical quality that is suitable for study.

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